A Casa di Rita
 via Recla, 2
  38010 Predaia fraz. Smarano (TN)


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A Casa di Rita

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Panoramic apartment on the first floor of a peaceful and quiet building, with private garden and car parking. Suitable for children and babies. Pets are welcome.



Upon booking, terms of sale and the house rules are regarded as accepted and as a legally binding contract between the host and the guests. To consult terms and conditions, please click here.




Immediate payment: required upon booking (paypal or money transfer). Guests can get a paypal payment request upon booking. For other forms of payment, please contact us.

In case of  immediate payment, we will apply the following cancellation policies:

- within 30 days from check-in: refund 100%

- within 10 days from the check-in: refund of 50%

- over the 10 days from check in: no refund.


Pay at the property: it is possible to pay for your stay upon arrival. Please contact us beforehand. A deposit of 20% of the fee is required, to be paid via paypal or money transfer. The keys of the accomodation will be given after receiving full balance.


In case of cancellation, the deposit will not be refunded.


We accept credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Vpay, China Union Pay, Diners, JCB, Amex, NFC, Apple Pay, Android Pay).




A valid identity document for each guest is required at check-in. Guests can send pictures of their documents via WhatsApp or email. In the absence of valid documents, the keys of the lodging will not be given.


I'll be there to show the lodging to the guests and give them the keys. Since I live at some distance, I won't be there during your stay but I will still be available for any need you may have. I will be reachable via telephone, WhatsApp or email.




Smoking is strictly forbidden. 


People who did not register at check-in are not allowed to stay overnight.


Please respect the hours of silence, from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 23.00 to 7.00.


The use of liquid accelerators for lighting of barbecues and stoves is strictly prohibited. It is, however, allowed the use of solid accelerators.


It is forbidden to leave pets unattended in the garden, for their own safety and for a peaceful coexistence with other residents.


Pets owners are required to collect dogs dropping and dispose of them properly. If accidents happen in the common areas, they are also required to clean up the area.


To At check-out the apartment must be left in good conditions of order and cleanliness.


Hosts are especially required to:


- remove the waste and deposit it outside the door in the proper containers, when indicated in the provided informations or otherwise upon leaving the lodging 

- wash the dishes and kitchen tools

- leave in good condition sinks, toilet and shower

- check upon forgotten personal belongings in closets or drawers


Guests will be notified about any forgotten item, which will sent back to them upon request .


The above conditions are regarded as a legally binding contract between the host and the guests and are regarded as tacitly accepted upon payment.